I really love this post. It's saying something that's been on my mind for years and that I've written about many times before.

One of the top tips that I give all aspiring writers - and some experienced ones too - is to tap into the power of the voice recorder on their smart phone.

It's a great cure for writer's block. Staring at the blank page, struggling to find a concise turn of phrase?

Imagine you are trying to explain the concept to a friend over dinner. It might take three or four attempts, but I guarantee that at the end you will have the basis of your opening paragraph.

Imagination not good enough. Then sit down with that friend, set the recorder running and begin the conversation. 

Get your pal to challenge your statements. It will help you further refine your thinking and your copy. 

Meantime have a read of this post.  It might three years old, but it's as fresh as any article about writing from the past six  months.