I just finished analysing the DLA Brandwatch data for this week. And it immediately brought to mind this article from Adweek.

In short, the four key points in this story applied perfectly to our most successful social posts and the content which they referenced.

In particular:

Go visual: Our first infographic garnered twice as many impressions and engagements as any other post.

Invest in organic: One of the most popular posts was nearly two months old. Why? Because it touched a nerve (why businesses need to be run on social and not email).

Quality over quantity: We've got a team of experts producing daily blog posts but now we've added governance process for SEO, readability and other consistency factors. 

Stay in school: We're only experts because we keep on learning. Where necessary we read up, share and reference the great and the good in social media for business. 

On that final point, make sure you read the full article. It really nails the key content issues facing businesses in 2017.