Interesting article by Which-50 which rightly points out that most people start looking at an issue from inside-out rather than outside-in.  The reason for that is that disruption is seen as just another to-do list item.  If we move some IT to the Cloud, get a "Big-5" in to look at some processes and employee some millennials and that is the disruption box ticked.  I can assure you it's all been done in the past and it won't work and it will be on your watch.

So what needs to happen?

You need a strategy for one thing.  Random acts of disruption does not work.

We would also argue that consultants that look for process efficiency have been disrupted.  By us.

As a "Big 5"  when increasing sales they will talk about "efficiency". Talk to us and we will talk about increasing your sales incrementally. 

People will talk about advertising and email which is just interruption and broadcast - the technology of the 1930s.  It won't work in a 21st century.