I talk with a lot of business leaders and I'm still amazed about some of the answers I hear.

People wanting quick fixes - Hint: They don't work and you are wasting your money.

People "assuming" things will happen - Hint: Assume = it will make an ass of u and me.

People believing if they do the same as what they did in 1990, they will get the same result - Hint: The internet, social media and mobile HAS changed everything.

People believing a tool will save them - Hint: "a fool with a tool is still a fool"

I could go on..... 

Here's a quick thing you can do.  Download Uber onto your phone, sign up (no I'm not on any kick back) and go and order a taxi.  It's easy.  No ringing people up, no being told there are no taxis, no standing in the rain.  It's a simple, frictionless way to buy a product.

Apologies if you already use Uber, but you know what I mean.

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco and Uber was the way to travel.  I then land in Vancouver (sorry if your from Van) but it was like going back to the 1990s.  Great city, but Uber would make things simpler.  

And that's the point of digital.

You should be looking at ways to make your business more efficient and more effective.  That could be cloud, blockchain, IOT, but to be honest it will come from your people and your processes.

We are transforming businesses using social.  We have started in sales where we have a predictable and repeatable methodology where we can increase sales revenue by 30% and reduce sales cycle by 40%.  It's repeatable and predictable as we know what results we will get, everytime we run the program.

We have now moved onto to the next department and are now going to transform Human Resources (HR).  Not as just taking current processes and adding on social, in fact we are re-imagining human capital management (HCM).

Need help with digital transformation, I'm really sorry but we don't have tools, but we do have methodologies that are proven and work.  Worth a chat maybe?