When I first started being involved with Payroll and Human Resources (HR) it was some 25 years ago. People were taking paper based records and putting them on computers.

It was interesting therefore to see what changed in the world of Human Resources (HR) or Human Capital Management (HCM) as they called it when I was at Oracle.

This article talks about Human Resources (HR) Version 4.0, I must have missed out on Version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 or maybe I’m being cynical that this is a way of trying to whip up some hype.

One thing that I’m amazed about is that it doesn’t talk about the use of social media in Human Resources (HR).

I’ve used social internally to increase the efficiency of employees (by 25%), supporting diversity and inclusion, supporting maternity returners, get new employees contributing faster, get new sales people contributing faster.

Getting an extra 25% out of employees, think about it. 

Oracle had 100,000 employees, that is 25,000 employees for free! 

Is a business case in itself. But getting salespeople to contribute faster would also be a business case.

So why are HR departments missing out on Social?

I’m not sure HR would say they are missing out. They put job ads on Twitter, what else could they do.

Sorry, spoiler alert, I’ve already told you!

If you are reading this you will probably know us as a social selling company. We are and we are pretty good at it. But we always said from day one that we are a transformation company, but Social Selling is a random act of social. It’s great, well most companies will jump at 30% increase in revenue and 40% cut in sales cycle. But if you transform one department you do have to transform all the others; Marketing, Procurement, Finance, Customer Service .... and Human Resources.

What we have done is what we are famous for. We don’t layer some new stuff on old processes we re-imagine the roles, responsibilities and processes for a social age. What do I mean? Let’s take Sales, many people who call themselves social sellers are not, why? Because they talk about social but the underlying process is analogue.

Inmails are an example of this. Inmails are just cold calls on a social network. What do I mean? Well you interrupt and broadcast with an inmail, the same you did with a cold call. These are all part of the discredited legacy sales methods of the past.

Why is this important? With Sales we are able to make the team more efficient and effective, increasing output, by reducing cost. We are not talking about reducing numbers we are talking about increasing the win rate of sales people vs effort.

This is the difference with our Social HR module, the Human Resources department is now ready for transformation in the Social age.

It’s time for your business to see the benefit.