The problem with marketing is that there is this thing called the internet, oh and social media and that irritant called mobile come along.

This has turned the market on it's head.

It all used to be based on push ..... you pushed out a message, you interrupted me and then you broadcast your message.  Life was simple.  You stood on your building and shouted at customers.

The problem is that now nobody listens.

I was talking to a Marketing Manager last week and I said nobody looks at Ads any more and she said to me .... this is the truth I'm not making it up.  She said

"Very true, we all use ad-blockers" ... then she looked at me and said, and this is no word of a lie "so why are we still paying for advertising?"

Then quick as a flash she said "of course we can measure advertising, you cannot measure social media".

I said "so you can measure nobody is looking at your ads then?" I laughed, she laughed nervously.

She quick as a flash said "how do you measure social media?"

We use Brandwatch to measure share of voice, any lead comes in through social it's tracked with a campaign code in the CRM.  So to summarise we can connect revenue with social media, can you do that with advertising?

But will she stop advertising.  Of course she won't, that would mean changing and admitting that marketing is "wrong".

We have to admit that nobody looks at adverts anymore.

Nobody takes cold calls anymore.

Nobody reads unsolicited ads anymore.

There are still many marketers who hold onto this belief that things have no changes.  The Marketing Plan is the same as it always was.

There is a problem with "corporate content" nobody is interested and in fact we will spend time and effort to keep away from it.