A large accounting software company, well it was actually their PR agency contacted me and they want a call about how to work together, the conversation went like this.

PR Agency:  Would you be interested in working togther?

Me: Sure.

PR Agency: Would you write an eBook for us?

Me: Sure.

PR Agency: Would You be happy to do a webinar with us?

Me: Absolutely.

PR Agency: Can you write white papers?

Me:  Of course, how much budget do you have?

PR Agency: What do you mean?

Me: Let me know what you budget is for this and we can work out a work package.

PR Agency: I'm Not sure.

Me: What are you trying to achieve?

PR Agency: I don't understand.

Me: What are your objectives here?

PR Agency: I need to find out.

Me: Do you have a brief you can send me?

PR Agency: No, we are a bit shit, I will call back.

This article is written by an Instagram Influencer about how brands, if they want to do business with her, she explains, why and how.  What business interests her and she will take on and what business she will turn down.  So if you want to use influencers and this article is a how, we have written many why Influencer marketing articles before .

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