We talk to a number of companies and we always ask them, what is it that sets you apart?  We always get a long list of product features or that a company is the biggest or market leader.

The problem, for these companies is that the buyer isn't sophisticated enough to understand this.  You are experts, have probably been in the market for years and years and while you understand the differences with your competitors, your buyers cannot.

So the website, the logo, the corporate content that marketing creates, these all get you a 1:1 draw, they don't get you a win.

But you do have something that nobody else has.  Your people.  Each one of them are different, they are the accumulation of all of their experiences.  

We all know the old saying "people buy people" and they do.

The best sales, marketing and recruitment tactic that you can do right now, is to get your employees on social and let them be ...... themselves.