Another day, another stat that CMOs are looking to reduce ad spend.  I'm not sure that this is due to Facebook and the fact that social network seems to have lost some of it's shine.

That said, I think I'm now living in an ad free world.  I don't watch ads on the TV, I switch the channel when listing to the radio, I don't read billboards and or ads on the backs of buses.  I've tuned out ads as much as I can on social networks.  I also feel sorry for people that advertise, it must be a sad place to be.

The thing is, we all filter out the noise.  The cold calls, the cold emails, the adverts, 2018 living is all about filtering out the noise.  I get many emails and they are all the same.  All about the product and supplier and nothing about me.

As Seth Godin said "I don't have time to sort your marketing problems".

Advertising is all about broadcast, you tell people how great you are ... but everybody say that.  It's just noise.

Advertising is all about interruption, we all just tune out or use adblockers.

With over 40% of the world now on social media, maybe there is a better way.  You can still "insert" your product or service in front of people, BUT today you need to be subtle.

A bit like this article, I'm not telling you about our products and services, I'm offering insight and education.  You might be connected to me on social and I "wave" at you every day.

Come on none of us look at ads, it's time to switch them off and be active where your customers are, on social.