The problem so often when looking at digital transformation is there is so much research and little actual facts.

Selling Digital Transformation "upstairs" especially when the people in the C-Suite don't understand can be scary.  Why would you put your career and / or job security on the line when you can just keep taking the salary?

But there are things you can do.

First look for a company that has a session that will explain this in an interactive session to the leadership.

Second start with pilots looking at ways that the people and the process can be activated and prove out how using digital and social can make an impact and fast.

The mistakes that people make are:-

1. Hiring people that haven't actually transformed themselves.  We had one client that said "we hired him as he had a beard".

2. Thinking that digital transformation is about system change.

3.  Assuming everybody is the same.  For example, we have all been to those training courses where you get 150 power points and remember nothing or have webinars and then end up just doing email.  Critical to any transformation is that it engages everybody.

Always ask a supplier "if you got the business, what would you do on Monday?"