I showed this to my sales guy and he agreed with me this article is totally confusing and in 2018, actually has some down right bad advice.

Start-Ups all you need to do is think :-

1. What is your purpose?  This is your why.  Our purpose, for example, is to change the world with social.

2. How do you do it?  We do two things, I won't bore you :) with what those are, they are covered on www.social-experts.net

3. Customers today are on social media and we engage with them by using content.  This is a great example of it.

You don't need to cold call, you don't need to send cold call and you don't need to spend (waste) money on advertising.  Nobody reads ads anymore.

Here at DLA we have grown a global business and have gained 1,000 followers a month by engaging on social media and having insightful educational content.  How much do we spend on marketing?  Nothing.  We get 3 pieces of inbound everyday.

Our partner / reseller in North America created $2 Million Canadian of pipeline in 2 months by using these techniques and you can too.