Every business and every individual on the planet is always in a state of transformation and growth.

Transformation for business tends to be driven in the main due to external factors, these are all completely out of the control of the company itself, so you could argue you are always in a state of 'catch up'.

As you read this your business is already being transformed, it probably hasn't hit you yet but when it does it's likely to come from a competitor, or an as yet unknown competitor who just spotted how to get ahead of you.

It's an adapt or die, cut throat, hard nosed commercial world we live in.

At no time in history has the human race been more 'digitally' connected than before, at no time in history have companies and brands been exposed to it's prospects, customers, potential and existing employees via social media platforms. 

The days of brands and companies telling us what we should 'think' about them is well and truly over, the same message goes for the brand police whose job it is to produce the corporate diatribe that even they don't read.

So why would I want to do business with you, or even come and work with you?

The role of Human Resource is probably one of the most critical and pivotal in today's world than it's ever been, some might argue that it's more important than the marketing team and CMO?

"For any business to succeed it relies completely on the people power it has employed and charged with the delivery of the agreed success" - no shit Sherlock!

The entire buying process has fundamentally changed, here's some food for thought;

  • 68% of prospects have already done their own DD on a company before any direct contact is made with a vendor - chances are if they haven't contacted you then you just lost to one of the above mentioned competitors.
  • During that DD process there are going to be somewhere between 8-10 internal stakeholders involved - relying on your Rolodex, or your pally relationship with your internal sponsor no longer cuts it.
  • All of those internal stakeholders invest circa 40+ hours doing that DD - And your website is the last place they look.

So, what's that got to do with HR, the Board room, and transformation projects you may well ask?

If you apply the same logic to potential employees it's saying that your no longer in the privileged driving seat, they no longer have to believe what you, your website, and corporate brochure says you are - they are now empowered, in the same way those potential prospects are doing!!!!

What's your HR plan?