Search is great, it's something that's connected humans since we've been on the planet. 

In today's digitally connected world we can 'search' for something at the click of the mouse, we can do this wherever in the world we are. 

However for search to be meaningful we also have to have an idea of what we're searching for, whereas content discovery helps us to discover things we weren't sure we had an interest in in the first place.

I write quite a lot of blogs, they vary from my focus on the digital intrusions from the advertising industry, to how social media is transforming companies of all shapes and sizes around the world who have realised that it's not just a place to 'advertise and promote' themselves. 

I often get asked if I have a specific audience in mind when producing my content, and the short answer is most definitely.

I also recognise that my blog/vlogs can be seen by many people via my 1st level connections on social media, the great thing is these are people that wouldn't necessarily have 'searched' for my subject matter blogs/vlogs but will have 'discovered' them via my current connections, many of them I do know will have some degree of interest, as such they will 'like' what I post, they will also add a 'comment' which can then spark conversations with other people, and if I'm lucky they will also look to 'share' my stories - it's the beautiful networking effect of social media in action.

I've provided a link below to a nice infographic that highlights that there are real world connections between what you write about, and people's other related interests.

During our 12 week training program we cover this in great detail, we help people to better understand how to create consistent content that can reach more people than they could ever imagine.

We would like to talk to you about how we can help you along this journey.