My partner, Julie, has two sons, one of them is 23 and I've known him since he was 17.  This provides me with great insight into how Millennials, work, think and shop.

Recently Julie's son wanted to buy a flat and as he hadn't purchased a flat before we helped him.  He decided he wanted to live in Croydon and one Saturday we went over to look at flats he had short listed.

To help him draw up a short list we went for a coffee.  It was during this that Julie's son asked how to get a Mortgage.  My partner explained how she and I would get one.  He just looked at us with his mouth open and then got his phone out and showed us an app.

We said you cannot get a mortgage with an app.

He said you can, and he did.

The buying process for flats and houses in the UK, as it probably is in many countries is a nightmare, his comment was "how do you guys put up with this?"  Julie and I shrug and say that's the way it is and he says this isn't good enough.  He's right.

This research does not surprise me.  But remember Millennials are not kids anymore, they are adults with pay cheques (checks), with children and they are not going to put up with the crap that brands keep putting out.

Julie's son won't shop are certain places as "the website is shit", he hasn't applied for certain jobs as "the website is shit" and if it's not mobile compliment, you can totally forget it.

Millennials are our future and I do so hope they will continue questioning and "voting with their feet".  My generation had this beaten out of us early on in our 20's, I recall one friend who questioned his job was told "just F!@£$%g buckle down and do your job, or we will fire you."