I recently wrote a blog about the 'business case for social media' in an attempt to help companies shift their 'advertise and promote product' mentality into understanding the changing opportunities afforded to them for a robust 'Social Selling' strategy. 

As such they need something to be able to take to finance, or other related stakeholders with the ROI in order to get the initiative moving. 

I could be blunt at this point and say that the real ROI is measured by the shift in much lower cost 'socially attributable' inbound related business revenues that isn't connected to outbound paid media activity, but then that would suggest a bias, wouldn't it?.......

So for those of you internal 'Change Makers' still craving some interesting stats and charts to wave in front of the internal naysayers, I've found another interesting piece of research (link below) that highlights that what everyone used to think of as a fad is now becoming a pretty crowded sector, and yes there's still room for more, but if your slow to market, and your competitor isn't well no amount of forecast for ROI argument is going to save the day.

At DLA Ignite we specialise in helping companies and the internal 'Change Makers' deliver on all these points, and I'm pretty sure we can help you as well. We have a tried and tested methodology, we hold you and your colleagues hand throughout, ensuring we not only 'teach' you what to do, we also make sure its firmly embedded into your firms and employees DNA.

We don't do retainers, we are not an agency that creates and produces copy/content or sells ads for you.

We are active 'practitioners' of what we do, we already know and can evidence the ROI of a robust and internally aligned 'Social' strategy.

Part of that evidence it that you are reading this blog, just like many others - including your competitor!

We also don't do outbound pushy, salesy marketing, so if you would like to explore more, please contact the author of this blog.