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Tracy Borreson, Branding & Digital Influence Coach, TLB Coaching & Events

Tracy Borreson

Branding & Digital Influence Coach at TLB Coaching & Events

Calgary, Canada

About Me

I never had one space where I belonged when I was growing up. I always flitted between a whole bunch of spaces.

I wasn’t a cool kid by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, I was on the sports teams (basketball and volleyball), and the cool kids were on the sports teams, so I fit in ENOUGH to be “safe”. I wasn’t an artist, but I did paint watercolor and dance. So, I fit in ENOUGH there as well, although I was never a top performer. I primarily identified as a “nerd”; I loved school and I learned all the things that I could; so much so that I took an EXTRA Academic Challenge class “for fun”. That made me fit in with the academics ENOUGH, but I was the only one who traded study time for softball practice.

I never 100% fit into any of those predefined categories. Which also meant that I never had a place where I could be myself 100%. I could be ONE specific part of myself at a time. I couldn’t bring my interesting science factoid to the basketball team. I couldn’t be in the school musical, because basketball practices and musical rehearsals were at exactly the same time. I couldn’t turn off my artistic side in my IB classes, and it showed in my grades compared to my classmates who focused solely on academics.

And so, I got good at being who I needed to be in any given space. A Jack-of-All Trades per se; if each “trade” is a part of my identity.

But when I became a mom, I looked at this path and compared it to what I want for my astounding multi-dimensional son. I realized how often I had to hide the pieces of myself growing up; and while that made me a “master of disguise”, I don’t want my son to have to hide any piece of himself EVER. I might be able to “fit in” anywhere, but I never had a place to belong. And all I want my son to feel is that he belongs, no matter what.

He deserves it. And I deserve it.

This blog is a place where I actively curate belonging through marketing and sales activities; primarily for me (because I deserve it), and for everyone who reads it.

So if you’re looking for a place to belong, WELCOME 💖

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