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Alex Low, Director of Social Selling, Digital Leadership Associates

Alex Low

Director of Social Selling at Digital Leadership Associates

London, United Kingdom

About Me

I grew up when there only 4 terrestrial TV channels, computers had barely made it into the home and the internet didn't exist. Communicating with family and friends involved writing letters or post cards from your holidays; asking permission from your parents to use the phone and then spending 5 mins having a polite conversation with your friend’s parents about how school was going before being able to talk to your friend. If they were even there. It was the age of excitement when you could go to a Blockbuster video store in the hope that they had the latest VHS video release you wanted. If you were lucky Mum or Dad would let you buy a bag of popcorn.

I used to love building things, taking them apart and rebuilding. Getting to understand how it worked and could I make it better; this was from my first Airfix model, to Lego, Zoids and even my late father’s lawnmower. Life was so much simpler back then. Just get on your bike, go for a ride in the woods and feel free.

Fast forward at an exponential rate and here we are today. And what a world we live in. 2bn people and counting sharing all of their personal and sometimes private experience in a virtual world called Facebook. You can order pretty much anything you want from your phone without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. Children's technological sophistication is beyond belief, both in a positive and negative way. Yet this is all they know. Some may never have to go through the ‘did you pass first time’ humiliation of the Driving Test question amongst friends.

Growing up in an analogue world and being part of the generation that crosses the divide, I feel I am very lucky to be uniquely placed to have the life experience of that analogue world, yet, at the same time, make that leap into the technology data driven world which is where we live today.

That innate interest in me to understand how things work, de construct and rebuild them still lives in me today. The only difference is that rather than using glue, or relying on plastics bricks to connect I use my experience and understanding of social networks as the glue to help organisations come together more effectively.

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