Even without the cracking image that accompanies this article, the content had me saying "no surprise there!"

You could run a 'find and replace' Australia for Global and the stats would be similar. To use a term I like, it's a case of 'same bus, different number'. 

The author, Athina Mallis delivers some hard facts that no business can afford to ignore. From the CEOs lacking in digital skills - which usually includes either a fear of social media or bizarrely still believing they are just p2p platforms to the many thousands of new tech roles being fuelled by Digital Transformation. There are some killer lines that you shouldn't fail to read, digest and act upon:

Seelan Nayagam, managing director for DXC in Australia and New Zealand said, “Less than one-third of organisations today are providing their employees with digital transformation training, indicating more needs to be done to take employees on the transformation journey.

“To achieve success, employee education <u>must</u> be the cornerstone of any digital transformation programme and not regarded as an afterthought.”

This isn't a topic you can stick away in a drawer waiting until you have 'time' to look at it. This isn't something you can go into half-heatedly - secretly enjoying a touch of failure so you can go back to 'business as usual'.

I've said it before and I will keep saying it. If i was a major shareholder in a business where the CEO wasn't telling me about all the activity taking place around the company's Digital Transformation AND explaining how they were ensuring all employees, present and new - are trained to have the required digital skills. I would boot them out.

Does that sound harsh? Maybe not if you would like the other option - go out of business.