I'm using Passle to post this content - it helps me comment and share interesting articles with a few clicks. It's part of my continued 'digital transformation'. I'm using far more clever services today than I was a year ago, and I'm sure by this time next year, I will have tried many more - some I'll stick with, others I may use at a later date or ditch.

Nicolas D. Evans tells us that digital transformation is about technology and wait for it....people. You may think that's obvious but believe me - there are many businesses that have digital transformation parked in the technology camp.

There are many sentences and paragraphs from Nicolas I could quote but I do want you all to read his article in its entirety. So, I'll leave you with these:

Without thinking about business scenarios and industry use cases for exploiting enabling technology, much of the “art of the possible” with digital transformation is lost and any intended transformation may become simply optimization at best.


So to get a clear picture of what’s involved in successful digital transformation, we have to look at two distinct areas: firstly, the essential business capabilities that are required as pre-requisites for any organization to undergo their digital transformation and secondly, the techniques of the top performers who are pulling ahead and creating a growing digital divide between themselves and their competition.

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