Email - how many unread emails do you have in sitting in all your email accounts? 

The majority of us will have anything up to thousands of unread messages. There was a time when we opened and read every email we received - it was exciting. People in offices would sit in front of their computers hitting 'refresh' in case there was an email waiting or them on the server.

What I like about claims of success through email and cold calling - we never get told about how many failed attempts there are. Marketers hide behind 'open rates' blah, blah, blah....

Historic stats of past successes account for nothing. Back in 2000 I made a cold call that led to a £1m+ deal. I didn't close the deal on the cold call - but it sparked the process. Email is not as powerful as it once and sending out a 'teaser' is a waste of time. There are far better ways to engage.

It's 2019 and I never tell a client to cold call and when I show then what they should be doing they never moan that they wish there were still cold calling or sending out email campaigns.

Stop looking backwards.