I skimmed through the article, hoping to find some credible data behind the claim that 'email marketing beats social media every time'. I didn't find anything.

What I did find - was another, long article that shows, once again - the mistake to think that social media is about advertising. Brands are mucking up with their social media strategies because all they want to push ads in front of people rather than engage properly. The author mentions 'fake profiles' being a burden. So, we'll ignore all the email accounts that go unchecked for months.

I have a yahoo account that is stuffed with marketing (I still call is spam) emails form brands I may have engaged with at some point over the past 15 years. If I do open one, its highly unlikely I will click on a link. Get's me how email marketing companies do cartwheels over 'open rate' stats. A shop could get 1000 people pour through their doors in a day - but it's only the ones that buy something that will put money in the tills. 

Email marketing belongs in the same category as telephone cold calling - which is a whisker away form being as annoying as someone knocking on your front door trying to sell you something.

Social media - the clue is in the name - is about being social. Engaging with an audience, building a relationship - two way. It's not about spending huge amounts of cash on ads. It's about creating and sharing content that gets our interest - so we chose to 'inbound' into the brand.

Buyers regardless of whether business or consumer, like stories. We like stories that we can relate to, we like content that we can relate to. We don't like being hounded and sold to, time and time again. 

Stop wasting your money on advertising. 

Social Media - interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. 

One last thing - the author that wants us to believe that email marketing is so much better than social media (ads) - runs an email business......