It would appear so, even with all the warnings that have been broadcast.

CEOs and their teams are leading businesses that are waiting to 'follow' others - no innovation whatsoever, just playing safe. If fact so safe, they will probably suffer. Well, the employees will, when digital transformation continues to be under AOB (any other business) on their agendas.

Andre Cuenin, chief revenue officer of Cherwell said, “The research demonstrates that UK businesses still have a lot to learn in terms of planning and implementing digital transformation and their adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence if they want to shed their image of digital innovation followers...."

Andres goes on to say, "This may be due to the fact that digital transformation is frequently pigeon-holed as an IT issue, whereas in reality it should be seen as an initiative that involves everyone across the business, from the board, down to the most junior employee.”

As the saying goes 'wake up and smell the coffee'. Digital Transformation isn't optional and the buck stops with the CEO. Pull your fingers out or go home and let someone else do it.