This article was written in 2013 - the 80/20 rule for content has been around since year dot, but companies are still ignoring it.

I know an organisation that for a few years, has been pushing out content via LinkedIn on behalf of all its salespeople. The same piece of content goes out at a similar time, through the same people. Within certain circles it's become a bit of a standing joke, much to the detriment of the salespeople. The company in question is not making a positive impact - it's actually ensuring its content gets lost in the social media 'noise'. Plus the 80/20 rule is out the window - the content is all 'look at us, look how great we are'. So boring!

Here's something all you CEOs. CMOs and Sales VPs need to remember - LinkedIn isn't yours, you don't own your employees profiles, you can't force them to create their profile how you want them to (unless you fancy a lengthy legal battle). No employee has to add your branding to their profile and you can't force them to post your corporate content. 

You don't 'own' your employee, they have chosen to work for you for a contracted period or until you no longer keep them engaged. Yes, you can 'ask' them to post your corporate message - but it should only be 20% of the total output.

As for the remaining 80%? That's what will make you stand out, to go from a 'saturate and hope' boring self-centered business, to one that has a bunch of thought leaders and interesting employees.

Not sure how that would work for you? #challengeme  - I'm easy to find!