In cockney rhyming slang, one would say 'Can you Adam and Eve it?' (can you believe it)

I said that in 2019 I'm going too be more bullish and that also means highlighting any nonsense I find. 

Russ Hearl - Head of Sales, Google Cloud, New SaaS products. Yes, you read it right - Google - is sharing his tips on cold calling. That's the same Google that many businesses like to emulate. That's the same Google that could advertise a job that pays $1 a year and be inundated with applicants.

Yep - it's that Google that are coming up with innovative services and products to enhance our day to day lives. I am a big user of Google Home, I have their hubs and my lighting, CCTV, heating and alarm system can all be controlled via good old Google. That Google!

Then, why, oh why would Google allow anyone to advocate cold calling? Cold calling is an out of date sales activity that no prospective client likes? 

The article states ' Russ has built several sales teams from the ground up at FedEx, Salesforce, DoubleDutch...'  so I checked him out on LinkedIn.

Account Exec at FedEx (2000-2006) - that could be where he learned to love cold calling - it was a very long time ago. And that's where cold calling should stay - in the past.

The role Russ has at Google? -  Responsible for building repeatable and predictable sales programs for new business process apps at Google. Scope encompasses all aspects of the funnel from outbound demand gen teams who generate 75% of our pipeline to the teams of AEs who win new business with SMBs, Mid-Market and Enterprise accounts. 

How can anyone in 2019 build repeatable and predictable sales programs when they are still banging on about cold calling? Not heard about social selling down there in SF?

So this weeks nonsense award goes to Google for trying to drag us back into the past.