At least six years according to Ryanair.

Anyone that has flown Ryanair has at some point, been frustrated/annoyed by their additional costs, buying process. delays and monopoly on some routes within Europe. Sometimes Ryanair is the only option to get you to your destination.

Cost can be a factor when flying with Ryanair although if you want to take luggage larger than a pencil case and dare I say - prefer to sit with your family or traveling companions - it will cost you.

Are we surpassed that Ryanair has been voted worst short-haul airline for the sixth year in a row - no. Are we surprised they dismissed the result as 'worthless' and irrelevant' - maybe?

Do we feel that Ryanair doesn't give a damn about its customers? Yes.

Would we prefer to fly with a carrier that does care about us? Yes. 

Many of you that will laud Michael O'Leary as a clever entrepreneur (with no social presence) but maybe he's heading the same was as Gerald Ratner  - remember the 'Ratner effect'? 

There is only so long you can continue mistreating and ignoring your paying customers.