I was reading the long and detailed article titled:

You Only Get More of What You Resist—Why? Here’s why it’s wise to say "Yes" to whatever life throws at you.

Much of it resonated with some of the changes I have resisted in life but strikingly - it's on trend with the resistance to change and evolution I see with many salespeople.

I see many that are resisting what they don't want - change. I particular those that will tell anyone that listens, that telephone cold calling, emailing, direct mail are still great ways to prospect for new business. They are avoiding what's staring them in the face - the world of selling has evolved.

80% of the online world is active on social media - buyers and decision makers are on social media. They aren't sitting at their desks hoping the phone will ring or an unsolicited email will arrive in their inbox. Some sales people and CEO's (my views on below par CEO's is well documented) - can't even be bothered to populate their LinkedIn profiles with more than the bare minimum. 

They are resisting change and evolution.

The text quoted from the article by Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D is worth taking on board.