When someone has repeatedly told you that cold calling is the best way to prospect - the thought of life without wasting hours trying to speak to people that don't want you ringing them - can seem daunting.

Some would go as far as saying it scares the pants off them.

When Henry Ford started producing his cars he knew that if he went to the market and asked what people wanted - it would've been a faster horse. No one would've asked for a motor car because that was alien to them.

To those of you that still harp on about how great cold calling is - you are avoiding change.

We now live in the era of modern selling. An era where, due to social media, the power sits with the buyers and decision makers. Modern selling is about being where your prospects are and engaging with them on their terms. It's not about repeatedly ringing them up trying to force them into a sale (it also makes you appear desperate). 

Social selling is part of modern selling - if you aren't embracing it, you are missing out on revenue, a strong pipeline, exposure, market share - the list goes on.

All cold calling does is make you look out of date, out of touch, and be part of a struggling business.

This guide will help you accept change - or send it to your boss if he insists you cold call.

Good luck!