The UK's National Health Service is to be banned from buying fax machines and given a deadline to stop using any of the 8,000 machines still in circulation.

Much has been said about the use of the old-fashioned fax machines which have been referred to as 'archaic' and the NHS 'simply cannot afford to continue living in the dark ages.'

"The ‘axe the fax’ campaign aims to empower staff rather than disarm them and so far the feedback has been positive – staff are recognising that on the one hand, we have hugely innovative technology being implemented in the trust and on the other we have technology that hasn’t existed for decades in other industries."

Hats off to them for making a positive move - yes, it may seem to be a bit late in the day, but let me run this by you.

The NHS recognises they are using technology that has been obsolete in business for some time - however, there are 'modern' companies out there that are still cold calling!

No joke, they actually still ring people up and try and make them buy their service, solution or product. They will all send out e-shots - bulk emails to all and sundry - all cold. Techniques that make the businesses look desperate.

Modern selling doesn't need to use out of date techniques - with social at its heart - it engages with buyers and decision makers on their terms. It's the best way to prospect. Now that sounds much more sensible.

So, next time you experience a cold call or spam email - remember the NHS - they know they are out of date by still having fax machines and are doing something about it. That company cold calling you - trying to convince you to make a purchase - still haven't embraced modern selling and are doing nothing about it.

Now that is something to laugh at.