I was reading the blog of an old colleague and she mentioned how she was enjoying her love of travel whilst still working, albeit remotely. This sounded interesting to me.

I found a link but the website wouldn't load, shame. I tried searching for more information about the growing community of digital nomads that are taking WFH (working from home) to WAIW (working anywhere I want)! Alas, I found a few articles but that's as far as I can got. 

This reminds me of when I talk about the need to ensure that anyone looking for more detail about you or your business don't come to a shuddering stop.

I was talking to someone a few weeks ago - they were proactively posting content on LinkedIn and being active on Sales Navigator (always gets a thumbs up from me). But.........there own profile was awful, poor headline, no hero image, a summary written in the third person and the detail around their current role sounded like they were working under duress! 

All your hard work - getting your shop window looking good, spreading the word on social, can all come crashing down If, once I enter the store - it's clear no effort has been made.

I'm off to work remotely in a different room of my house to have a change of scenery.