Love this blog by Filiz Mehmedova - change is something to embrace or endure, some people enjoy change so much, they seek it out. What you can't do is resist change. As Filiz writes:

'Change is a constant, ongoing process in our lives. We should try to accept change as it is, not fight to resist it'.

When talking to business leaders about social selling and modern selling, it surprises me how many are hanging on to the past - resisting change. Worryingly, many CEOs still refuse to accept that social media is something they need to add to their commercial strategy.

It's similar with when we talk and post content about prospecting on social media - the 'cold calling resistance' will dig their heels in and insist that endlessly chasing someone on the phone is still a viable way to get meetings and sell.

The blog tells us we can't ignore change and that's good for business. If a competitor is hanging on to old fashioned methods and you have your team social selling - that's a huge advantage.

As long as you remember to change the stock blue hero image on your LinkedIn profile!