Firstly let me apologise for misleading many of you in a recent blog – I was banging on about how there were 3.356 billion active users on social media. It seems my number was out by 41,000,000 which means that since September 2017 – 320,000,000 have joined the active ranks.

So, let’s agree that from now on, the numbers will be ‘at the time of writing’.

The new number is quoted in the Digital 2018 Q4 Global Digital Statshot (October 2018) from DataReportal, released by Hootsuite. We should note that 44% of the global population are now active on social media - 42% of them via the mobile device.

So the old excuse - our customers/ buyers/decision makers aren't on social, is wearing even thinner! 

Let me leave you with this thought. In spite of the fact that the number of active users on social media is gargantuan - there are still CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, Sales VPs, C-suite and senior leadership teams, that are still spending vast amounts of money on out of date and ineffective sales techniques and outbound marketing - whilst ignoring social media.

For those that are at the helm of a public company - don't you feel they are letting down their shareholders?