An interesting article, especially when many confuse the use of 'tech' in sales as the end of face to face engagement. 

I see many 'discussions' on social with die hard cold callers slating social selling and saying it cuts out the human element.

Social is all that we do at Digital Leadership Associates - we eat sleep and breathe social 24/7 and we help our clients become experts at programmatic social selling. We always stress that social is where you can do your ground work - the prospecting, awareness and ice breaking. The goal is always to get face to face meetings.

Social selling, which by default uses 'tech', isn't about never leaving your keyboard.

Nice that LinkedIn recognises the importance of the personal touch as they sign off with:

But despite this, LinkedIn said that personal human connection still matters for business, and that decision makers are more likely to consider a brand’s services when they receive a more personalised experience.