I'm stunned that people have actually wasted their time and money studying and analyzing (I'm using those words very loosely) why salespeople don't want to cold call.

They could contact me and I would do it for free! Anyway, here are my thoughts:

More than half of sales professionals (53%) give up too easily when cold calling 

that's a shocking statistic. Sales professionals shouldn't be cold calling so this number is far too high. In the real world cold calling makes - a) the salesperson appears desperate to sell something to make target, and b) the company is struggling to make sales.

48% are afraid to pick up the phone and make cold calls. 

disappointing on two fronts; firstly it's not fear or being afraid that stops sales people picking up the phone to make cold calls. It's because they know its futile! Which leads nicely to my second point - the percentage should be much, much higher - 98% would be acceptable.

Other significant challenges to outbound prospecting include salespeople’s lack of organization and consistency with outreach efforts (60%),

- this comes across as 'passing the buck', the leadership team should be ensuring that all activity is effective and consistent. You can't blame the sales people for weak leaders.

....trouble finding and accessing the right decision maker (42%)

- same as before, give them help and the correct tools. LinkedIn and Sales Navigator make this a problem that's easy to overcome.

...and weak social media skills for prospecting (38%). 

- very disturbing as social media is the best place by far for drumming up business - without businesses focusing on helping their sales teams grasp social selling. They are leaving money on the table.

“Successful prospecting requires persistence, overcoming the fear of cold calling, targeting efforts to the person with power and leveraging a multi-channel approach,”

- no, it doesn't. and not cold calling isn't a 'fear' it's common sense this is 2018, not 1991. If you need me to explain that in more detail please contact me on LinkedIn or via phil@social-experts.net.

“This survey details specific changes sales professionals can make to secure more meetings and increase the quantity and quality of their sales pipeline.”

- cold calling doesn't and won't in today's market, give you the meetings or a decent sales pipeline. 

Let's not forget, It's easy to pick up a phone and cold call, programmatic social selling takes more effort. Maybe that effort is too much for many businesses. 

The smart people ditched cold calling years ago. The even smarter people are dramatically reducing their spend on outbound marketing. 

Those smart people are outperforming the laggards.