Some wise words from Nathan Resnick, CEOs shouldn't be concerned about social media and it's most definitely not going away! I

Interesting numbers Nathan quotes from a 2017 JEM Consulting report - 30% growth in social selling over the previous year. 77% of respondents saying they have a social selling programme in place.

77%? My first thought was maybe a chunk of respondents all work for a company that has a social selling programme in place. That can't be right. However the term 'social selling' is used very loosely in some quarters - with businesses believing that having all their sales people on LinkedIn is social selling.

Others will cite spending some budget on Sales Navigator licenses as having social selling strategy in place. To some, posting the odd bit of content and a handful of tweets a week is social selling.

It's much, much more than that, but at least we have activity out there as more CEOs ask the question of their leadership teams 'Why aren't we social selling; properly?'