Three times I tried to read this article in case I had missed anything. It's sounds blunt but there's no point beating around the bush - I hadn't missed anything.

I don't use out of date ways to sell, prospect or build a pipeline. Events, catalogues (catalogs in certain parts of the world), that's printing and mailing are not effective.

We all have a success story in our own 'back catalogue' and that's where we should leave them. I have made huge revenue in the past from cold calling but I know that doesn't work today. There may be an odd exception but it's not sustainable so don't kid yourself. 

Don't be fooled by the self proclaimed experts preaching out of date advice on techniques that should be tucked away in a drawer. Maybe it's because its all they know or all they are comfortable with?

Programmatic social selling is what you should be looking at today to ensure you survive in business tomorrow.

Stop talking about yourself and start creating interesting content to generate inbound. And, while you're at it - dump the intrusive outbound activity and wasting money on events.