I read this article and thought the writer was either being very positive or just hopeful.

Just because you prospect for new business, in any market, doesn't mean you 'can't really fail'. You 'really' can.

If prospecting was the answer to every salespersons dream - never ending business - then we would all be very successful. I wrote an article about the subject back in August http://www.social-experts.net/?s=bath - we aren't blessed with a never ending pipeline just because we do a bit of prospecting.

Too much emphasis is put on out of date outbound prospecting processes - real life isn't like that. I prospect 24/7 - yes, I really don't ever switch off. I don't have to block out time in my diary to prospect - it's all wrapped up in my day to day activity.

What's my secret? The main ingredient of social selling - content. For those of you that think social selling is all outbound selling - it's actually about enabling people to come and buy from you. Which is why buyers and decision makers love it. They are sales averse.

You won't find me writing any content telling people how great or successful I am, or how many awards I've won. I don't write articles specifically about Digital Leadership Associates nor do I write about what someone could 'buy' from me. No one is forced to converse with me and I'm not intrusive.

I talk about subjects that I have views on - in particularly the world of social selling. This happens all day, every day and generates inbound enquiries

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