When I read the article my first thought was - we really have had enough of cold callers and telemarketers. I'm already an Android user, so that means I'm going to be sat waiting for their screening service. I'm sure other providers will be available.

What also crossed my mind was - how on earth do all the pro cold calling brigade keep making poor excuses as to why this disliked, intrusive, often offensive and out of date sales harassment technique is still worth a punt?  

I'd like to excuse them and say maybe they don't have access to the internet but bizarrely they put effort into flooding the web with their propaganda. When I say web I mean social media - the very platform they say isn't the way to sell.

Maybe when everyone starts using call screening services like the one Google is set to release, the cold callers can ring each other up and reminisce about the days when they could trick us into taking their unsolicited phone calls.

In the meantime those of us in 'the know' are happily social selling.