Cold is cold for a reason - cold calling, cold emailing, cold outreach, cold war, cold sore. They are all pretty nasty.

I couldn't resist commenting on this article as it comes across as some kind of formulated entrapment - snaring unsuspecting targets.  It doesn't matter about the size of your business - social media is a great platform for you. 

Those plugging away online with their tales of pots of gold for those that follow the path of cold calling and cold emailing are forgetting the odd tiny bit of detail. 

When we get to work we don't morph into a polar opposite of who we are in our 'free' time? We don't like cold calls / emails / texts - full stop. Plus, who only starts their day once they get 'into the office' and who wants spam (yes, that's what cold emailing is) first thing on a Monday? 

Buyers are sales person averse - that's not just me saying that, it's a fact. Plus buyers and decision makers aren't dumb so why would you actually spend time camouflaging a plea for someone to buy from you? Smacks of desperation which sticks out like a sore thumb.

I don't do any cold reach - I write content, share my thoughts and engage with people via social. Just like we do in real life. Not because I think it's cool - because that's how we work in 2018.