Many CEOs are still conspicuous by their absence. From discussions I've recently had, it would seem that many CEOs still believe social media is the domain of pets, teenagers and people with too much time on their hands. 

One company explained that 'marketing' were now posting content for their CEO as he was far too busy to go on social media. Add to that the international business that told me their CEO doesn't 'do social'. Or the one that told me the CEO expected all the senior leadership to have tip top LinkedIn profiles but hadn't even completed their own.

How about the CEO that had been leading their flagship brand for five years and yet the website on their LinkedIn profile related to a previous role?

I could ramble on for some time citing examples of the somewhat blasé CEO attitudes to social, but I think you get the point. Why the CEOs that are 'social absent' think it's OK to be invisible is beyond me. They aren't invisible when an ego massaging lunch or dinner is laid on offering a chance to tell anyone that will listen how great they are.

3.356 billion - that's how many people are now active on social media. That's around 80% of the population that has access to the internet. The law of averages will say that some one out there wants to see the human side of every CEO.

We don't necessarily need to see pictures of your cats, your bank balance or where you went for dinner - but we would like to know your thoughts and views. It doesn't have to be Facebook; Twitter or LinkedIn would be a good start. After all, shouldn't a CEO lead by example?