Another small step to a total ban on unsolicited calls - yes, they will still happen and businesses will fold as they avoid paying fines imposed, setting up days later and starting again.

It would be Sherlock Holmes's quickest ever case - 'The great cold calling mystery.' 

We are all consumers and we don't like cold calls, those of us with elderly parents will know they are seen as an 'easy target' for cold callers. It's infuriating. 

Just as infuriating as those that spout on about how cold calling is an effective sales tool. Buyers and decision makers are consumers - consumers that hate cold callers. Why would they change their opinion when they are at work and their phone rings with yet another cold call? They are a nuisance.

One such cold calling dinosaur told me they watch LinkedIn and when they see the green dot showing you are online; they pounce! 

That deserves an 'OMG'!