The article from Sir Richard Branson may at first seem to be another success story but one sentence could save many of you a lot of wasted time and money. 'Show me an entrepreneur who says they have never failed and I will show you a liar.'

I make no secret of the fact that in my business career I've made choices that didn't work out. I'm glad I did as it gives me the chance to balance out future decisions against those experiences.

Having the confidence to be honest out the successes and failures is so important. I see many LinkedIn profiles that talk about success after success, how great the 'entrepreneur' (I've aired my opinion about the overuse of this word many times) is and how they can, for a small fee, bestow greatness upon you.

The same can be said for many salespeople - they have been top of the tree in every job they've had and always sold the world's best product and service. 

It all sounds too good to be true - generally it is. The world of Social Selling has it's fair share of self proclaimed guru's that will tell you how important social is to your business. If you're not convinced, they will offer to help you with your cold calling strategy, email campaigns, direct mail, build a website, print your business cards, design a logo, wash your car (yes, I'm elaborating a tad) - in fact, anything to get some money from you.

Whether it's a social partner, solution provider or a product manufacturer, make sure you choose someone authentic, giving you that gut feeling which says you can trust them.