There are many things I love about social selling - one being how I am viewed in a totally different light due to the amount of content I create, curate, comment on and share. It sets me apart from the salespeople that are fighting to get 'seen' online.

Sales shouldn't be based on 'battle cards' or wearing down a prospect so they buy just to get rid of you. Laying in 'wait' to ambush them or coerce them into your 'sales trap' smacks of desperation.

The needs of the buyer have changed - being bombarded with whitepapers of reports of 'how great my company is' just don't wash anymore.  Buyers aren't stupid and no matter how you veil and disguise your sales pitch - they will spot it a mile off. You have to be seen as an expert in your market - a go-to person for help and advice. Smashing out lots of outbound hoping for a bite is like using a huge trawling net to catch one fish. Much better to sit on the bank and wait until the fish swims over to you.

Keep it clear and simple.