Holy Moly! A shock news article states nearly 50% of Scots feel bullied and distressed by cold-call firms. I have to be honest I’m surprised by the results of the survey and wonder how it was worded to get such an odd outcome.

Surely, the percentage should be much higher as no one likes a cold-call. Maybe the survey results should state – out of x numbers of Scots that received cold-calls, 100% found them annoying, intrusive and left them feeling bullied and distressed.

Interesting that 80% were too scared to answer calls from unknown numbers. I never answer my phone to unknown, withheld or numbers I don’t recognise. If my home phone rings, I very rarely bother picking it up, if I’m walking by I will check the screen to see who it is.

Now, let me extrapolate this survey results in my own sweet way. If consumers hate cold calls, you can safely say that buyers and decision makers hate cold calls – because, brace yourselves for a shock……………..they are all consumers too!! They too will avoid cold calls and employ gatekeepers as an additional blocking point.

There are much better ways to promote your products and services in the b2b world that doesn’t include cold-calling (with the possible exception of low value items) – it’s out of date, it’s not liked’ it’s not cost effective and it’s not big or clever.

To those of you still spouting on about the merits of cold calling - the world of commerce has evolved. There’s something called social media – you should check it out.