The debate will continue long after we all stop answering the phone. More businesses around the world are removing employees desk phones because they don’t use them and many of us don’t answer calls on our mobiles that come from unknown or private numbers.

There is a lot of conflicting views about what social selling really is and that tends to be fuelled (read this blog) by people trying to make a quick buck from it or thinking by having a LinkedIn profile they have nailed it.

Yes, cold calling may work in some instances – low value items. Cold calling can have a negative impact because it gives the impression you are trying to hit a target and need a sale - regardless. The cold caller will try and beat down the buyer into submission. Doesn’t seem very professional.

'The reason why social selling works and cold calling (mostly) doesn’t is that it’s offering us a new way to have real, two-way conversations. As consumers and clients, we don’t need to listen to a 'pitch' when we have more and more information available to choose what we purchase and who we partner with.

To put it simply: social selling is more meaningful than a cold call so even though it may not convert directly, it’s probably just going to feel more like an equal exchange and less like a one-way conversation.' 

I’ll go even further and say if you look online at those that advocate cold calling – they are either businesses that will take your money for lead generation or ones that have failed to embrace better ways of selling.

So, the debate will roll on whilst many of us enjoy the success that social selling brings and before you started hammering your keyboards telling me about your love for cold calling – read this article. It will help you understand social selling.

If you are a buyer, keep doing what you're doing - I’m on your side 😊