How do you feel when we receive cold emails? How often have you thought 'thank goodness that cold, unannounced email was sent to me'. You don't and it's more likely that you wont. People aren't sitting waiting for a cold approach and no matter what you may read out there - email has had its day.

Businesses are shifting away from email as an internal communication tool. Have a look at your personal email account - the inbox is probably full of updates from brands you buy from and emails wanting you to spend more. It's rare you will use it to have a two way conversation and rarer that you will respond to a cold email - so why would you do that in business mode?

Most of our active interactions now take place on social. What may start with an email soon jumps to a chat or messenger service. 

I'd suggest that maybe the other 5% of salespeople aren't making mistakes because they have shifted to social!