I recall in a meeting a number of years back, questioning whether the company worked in an office which had the windows blacked out. Sounds rude? Not really when put into context - they were developing products which didn't suit the needs of their customers, the user experience was poor and there was no created need.

Gartner are talking of how poor customer experience (CX) will, by 2020, destroy 30% of digital business projects. These will be business projects validated by senior management and business projects that could be ‘sold’ to you by an enthusiastic supplier.

Just because someone is enthusiastic about something doesn’t make it right, always think CX – how would the customer feel? If it doesn’t feel right – improve it. And speak to customers! Ensure every project that impacts the customer, does so in a positive way.

I often talk about the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ syndrome – everyone agreeing with an opinion or an idea, even if they know it’s not a good one. Don’t just fall in line.

Here’s a quick tip – whether it’s a project inspired internally or a humdinger of an idea from a tech partner. Jump on social, see what people are saying in your network and seek validation. Social will be awash with people talking about similar challenges and solutions and plenty of providers saying they have the best solution in the world. Check out the business and the individuals – see what they social presence says about them. Due diligence on social – now that’s a great idea.

Don’t become a stat for Gartner