There was a time when the higher up the career ladder you climbed the more invisible you could be – you had earned your stripes. A ‘boss’ could lean out their door every now and then, share some pearls of wisdom and then disappear again. We would never question a C-suite member who would spend vast amount of time on lunches, golf courses or being entertained at sporting events. They were ‘pressing the flesh’ and selling the value of the business whilst networking.

Digital Transformation has resulted in bosses and employees having a ‘virtual stand-off’ as new directives get dished out but don’t appear to be embraced by all. CMO’s come under scrutiny as traditional methods, plus newer ones, produce fewer results. SEO isn’t all its cracked up to be and driving hordes of people to a website doesn’t always equate to a decent profit. ROI is becoming harder to justify.

It would appear that many CEO’s feel their CMO’s, whilst adept at telling stories that mobilise customers to buy their products, are not using their strengths to effectively engage internally with colleagues. Not great if you sit in the marketing camp and a shame for employees that are not clear on the strategies being played out.

Managing 360 degrees is maybe more effective for leaders than up, down and sideways. A good way to get employees feeling as though they are all contributing to the success of the business is via social. There is no reason why a business can’t empower every employee to write a blog – although some would have plenty of excuses why not to.

I’ll leave you with this thought – if you knew one of your main competitors were actively embracing social rather than push marketing. Would you sit back and watch or bust a gut to catch them up?