With the World Cup all done and dusted we can get back on with our day to day work. I’m sure many of you football fans would have restructured your working days to ensure you didn’t miss some of the matches you wanted to watch. Being diligent, you would’ve worked smarter rather than abandon your work so everything was completed or covered before you cheered on your nation.

Years back when everything was manual in the pre-digital era, working smarter was a pre-requisite for salespeople. You couldn’t manage your clients, prospect for new business, attend meetings and write up quotations without working smarter. As we became automated we got lazy which led to people working harder to try and get the same results they had previously achieved.

The Digital Transformation and the prevalence of social has made working smarter easier than ever. The words that none of us should say ‘I’m too busy’ – and being the first and last in and out of the office doesn’t mean you are the most effective employee. Working hard doesn’t make a superstar but working smarter can make you a hero. We may just need a bit of guidance to start us off.